ROM Selection Requirements

Excerpt from the "Practices & Procedures for Oregon Federation of Square & Round Dance Clubs"
Printed: 26 August 2013. Section VII-5 through VII-7.


The Screening Committee's function is to assist the Areas in the selection of Round of the Month (ROM). The Round Dance Screening Chairperson is appointed by ORDTA.

  1. The Chairperson will appoint a committee of four to six couples that will assist in selecting dances for the suggested ROM list sent to the areas.
  2. The Chairperson will send information to the Area responsible for selecting the ROM approximately three months before the selection is to be turned into the Chairperson.
  3. The information will consist of:
    1. Requirements set by the State on picking a ROM.
    2. A list of suggested dances with cue sheets.
    3. A letter telling when the information needs to be returned.
  4. When Chairperson receives the information, the record shops and Oregon Federation News are notified. This needs to be done two months prior to the month the dance is selected.
  5. The Chairperson will attend the State meetings.
  6. Every year in March, the ROM will be a classic round chosen by ORDTA. This classic ROM must still meet the Federation guidelines, as listed on the following page.133


  1. Type and availability of recorded music.
    1. Compact disc, 7" 45 RPM record, or Internet download135
    2. Available in quantity.
  2. Level of complexity.
    1. Should be simple, with figures from Roundalab Phase I and Phase II, and not more than two (2) figures from Phase III. In Roundalab terminology, this means Phase II, Phase II+1, or Phase II+2.136
    2. An instructor should be able to teach the dance in 30 minutes or less.
  3. Cue Sheet.
    1. The cue sheet should be clearly written, using standard terminology in up-to-date form. If one is not sure exactly what the choreographer means in the cue sheet then consider carefully whether it should be an Oregon Round of the Month.
    2. No changes can be made to the original cue sheet. (Exception would be if the choreographer corrects a mistake on the cue sheet.)
  4. Area Responsibilities.
    1. Each Area will select a Round Dance Coordinator, whose responsibility will be to see that all the requirements are met. The Coordinator will forward information to the Screening Committee Chairperson.
    2. Check with Screening Committee for availability of music if dance is not on the recommended list.
    3. Area will submit first, second and third choice, one of which must be from the recommended list.
    4. Cue sheet must accompany information sent to the Screening Committee Chairperson.
    5. If Area prefers not to select a R.O.M., they may ask the Screening Committee to make the choice.
    6. If the Screening Committee does not receive the information by the designated date, the Screening Committee will make the selection.
  5. Screening Committee Chairperson (appointed by ORDTA Chairperson) responsibilities:
    1. Appoint Committee:
      1. To submit appropriate dances for the list.
      2. To assist Chairperson when needed.
    2. Provide a list, cassette and cue sheets of appropriate current Round Dances.
    3. If Round Dance selection from Area does not meet the requirements of the Oregon State Federation, will make appropriate replacement.
    4. Notify any record shops requesting the information on R.O.M.
    5. Send full cue sheet to Oregon Federation News.
    6. Make available information on Roundalab Phase Rating System upon request.
    7. Check availability of music.
    8. Attend Oregon State Federation meetings.

133 Adopted: 11/16/1997
134 Adopted: 06/13/1993
135 Revised: 08/01/2004; revised: 11/22/2009
136 Revised: 09/10/1996, revised: 11/16/2003