Intro to Rounds 2015 - Article
Oregon Summer Festival

Christina Corelli

I attended the Intro to Rounds at summer festival in Klamath Falls and was impressed with Erin Byars' presentation. Here it is, in a nutshell.

Erin played the man for just a minute or two and put her right hand (she says the more important of the two) on the lady's back just below the shoulder blade. She showed how this hand can guide the lady to different positions. She did this with her partner to show us. She just moved her right hand slightly and things happened!

She did not teach Apart, Point. Instead she had us in closed position (slightly offset) and had us walk. She has us blend to semi-closed with just the man's right hand guiding the lady. We walked some more. Then she has the men guide the lady to Banjo position and walk.

Then she showed how to do two side closes. Same rhythm - 1,2,3,4. She added this to the hash. Then she had us walk in the center 4 and then walk out 4.

She showed us side touches and this was added. Voila! Everyone was moving to the music. Any music with a good 1,2,3,4 beat would work.