The Weavers List Serve for Round Dancers and Round Dance Leaders

Christina Corelli
ORDTA Secretary

Weavers is the name of the list serve for round dancers, round dance cuers and round dance teachers. Actually, anybody interested in round dancing may join in. People who belong to this list serve come from all parts of the U.S., Canada and around the world.

This is a good venue to ask questions, read responses, answer question, and learn a lot about figures, records, equipment, cue sheets, teaching, where to dance if you're going out of town, etc.

The term "lurker" is given to those who only read. That is not a bad thing although I hate the sound of the word. I think it's okay to "lurk" and learn. Sometime the members of Weavers go on and on and on about certain subjects. Sometimes I hit the "delete" key a lot. It just depends on what they are going on and on about. There is a lot to be gained from reading responses. Many of these responses are from people who have been cueing and/or teaching for many years. And yes, some responses are from those brand new to the round dance activity. These people are sometimes the ones who can "think outside the box" or have insightful questions and answers.

There's an excellent writeup on Robin and Bob Young's site. Here is the website:

To subscribe send an e-mail to and put the following in the body (not the subject line): "subscribe round-dance."