Washington Rounds of the Month

MaySlow Boat To China [Ito]2TS
AprilRockin' Alone [Hilton]2+0+1WZ
MarchSaturday Night At The Movies [Callen]2+1TSClassic
FebruaryTattoos Of Life [Ahart]2WZ
JanuaryHit The Road Jack [Parker]2+1TS
DecemberMemories Waltz II [Sperry]2+2+1WZ
NovemberDance With Me Tonight [Sprosty]2+1TS
OctoberLady Lay Down [Parker]2+1WZ
SeptemberUpside Down [Wright]2+1TS
JuneHi Lili Hi Lo [Buckmaster/Reigel]2WZ
MayHow Many Times [Spence]2+1TS
AprilWhat If [Chadd]2+2WZ
MarchMidnight In Moscow [Scott]2TSClassic
FebruaryUnder The Bridges Of Paris II [Hichman]2+1WZ
JanuaryI Love Your Automobile [Molitoris/Firstenburg]2+1TS
DecemberOpen Arms II [Betzelberger]2+2WZ
NovemberNobody's Sad On A Saturday Night [Oren]2+1TS
OctoberTheir Hearts Are Dancing [Lewis/Samborsky]2+2WZ
SeptemberI Saw Linda Yesterday [Brown/Cooley]2+2TS
JuneSam Again [Meinz]2+1WZ
MayHalf A Heart [Nickel]2+1TS
AprilFalling In Love Again [Buckmaster/Reigel]2WZ
MarchBirth Of The Blues [Parrott]2TSClassic
FebruaryYou're The First Time [Brownrigg/Dammeir]2WZ
JanuaryRed, Red Robin [Rotscheid]2TS
DecemberEmozione Waltz [Berka]2+2WZ
NovemberWooden Heart [Watanabe]2+2TS
OctoberSong Of My Life [Watanabe]2WZ
SeptemberLove Done Gone [Glidewell]2+1TS
JuneSomebody Loves You2WZ
MayWe'll Burn That Bridge [Baldwin]2+1TS
AprilBeautiful Day For Goodbye [Driscoll]2WZ
MarchBuicks To The Moon [Hintz]2TSClassic
FebruaryI Will Love You II [Weiss]2+2WZ
JanuarySteppin' Out [Francis]2+2TS
DecemberSunrise Sunset [Buckmaster/Reigel]2WZ
NovemberBaby Come Back To Me [Parker]2+1TS
OctoberNow Is The Hour [Hoffman]2WZ
SeptemberKansas City Lights [Speranzo]2TS
JuneI'm Not That Lonely Yet [Sebree]2+1WZ
MayNever Ending Love [Helton]2+2TS/RB
AprilIt's A Little Too Late [Kenny]2TS
MarchIf The Devil Danced [Wilhoit]2TSClassic
FebruaryCeltic Melody II [Taylor]2WZ
JanuaryWhy Don't We Just Dance [Helms/Keck]2TS
DecemberStars Are The Windows Of Heaven [Clark]2WZ
NovemberCome Dance With Me [Parker]2TS
OctoberDear Heart II [Aoyama]2WZ
SeptemberOogie Woogie Boogie [Downing]2TS
JuneGrace's Waltz II [Bartlette]2WZ
MayHow Long [Byars]2TS
AprilRose Of Mooncoin [Healea]2WZ
MarchFishin' In The Dark [Raybuck]2TSClassic
FebruaryWords Of A Fool [Dobbs/Gordon]2WZ
JanuaryAll Of Me [Betzelberger]2TS
DecemberWe'll Waltz In Love Tonight [Bartlette]2WZ
NovemberGarden Party Two-Step [Seurer]2TS
OctoberSomebody Else's Moon [Hintz]2WZ
SeptemberRiver Of Love [Wulf]2TS
JuneSteal Away [Spence]2WZ
MayYou Know Me Better Than That [Chico]2TS
AprilIt Was Me [Healea]2WZ
MarchFiddlestepper Polka [Brown]2TSClassic
FebruaryListen To Your Senses [Healea]2TS
JanuaryYou Can't Have It All [Ackerman]2WZ
DecemberChristmas Cookies [Woolcock]2TS
NovemberMira River Waltz [Taylor]2WZ
OctoberTake It Easy [Parsons]2TS
SeptemberSomebody Somewhere [Healea]2WZ
JuneMe And God [Adcock]2TS
MaySweeter And Sweeter [Healea]2WZ
AprilWrapped [Crapo]2TS
MarchSpinning Wheel II [Grossman]2WZClassic
FebruaryHe Really Loves Me [Reid]2TS
JanuaryLara's Waltz [Tirrell]2WZ
DecemberTrickle Trickle [Seurer]2TS
NovemberAnna Marie [Healea]2WZ
OctoberHide Nor Hair [Sanders]2TS
SeptemberSam II [Chico]2WZ
JuneAmarillo By Morning [Seurer]2TS
MayThe Girl In My Arms II [Bates]2WZ
AprilCircle 8 Party [RAL Minilab/NWRDTA]2TS
MarchPiano Roll Waltz [Green]2WZClassic
FebruaryYou Look So Good In Love [Buckmaster/Reigel]2WZ
JanuaryOld Fashioned Love [Waldal/Bushue]2TS
DecemberThe End Of The World [Watanabe]2WZ
NovemberEvery Second Every Minute [Ring/Ritchie]2TS
OctoberBeware My Foolish Heart [Heiny]2WZ
SeptemberSeattle [Burger/Ritchie]2TS
JuneSweet Lips Waltz [Aoyama]2WZ
MayBroadway Rhythm [Kincaid]2TS
AprilJava [Trankel/Gilder]2TS
MarchEdilweiss [Kullman]2WZClassic
FebruaryLet's Go Hoppin' [Heiny]2TS
JanuaryFunny Face [Sanders]2WZ
DecemberFeliz Navidad [Tracy]2TS
NovemberIt's All In The Game [Healea]2WZ
OctoberDevil Woman [Baldwin]2TS
SeptemberWhen Can I Touch You II [Buckmaster/Reigel]2WZ
JuneRenegades Rebels And Rogues [Buckmaster/Reigel]2TS
MayOne Love [Scherrer]2WZ
AprilA Naughty Lady [Gloodt]2TS
MarchAll Shook Up [Becker]2TSClassic
FebruaryArizona Waltz [Baldwin]2WZ
JanuaryBroken-Hearted Melody [Gilder/Trankel]2TS
DecemberWhat A Wonderful World [Pilachowski]2WZ
NovemberCome A Little Bit Closer [Walz]2TS
OctoberWhile We Were Waltzing [Sanders]2WZ
SeptemberDo's and Don'ts [Sanders]2TS
JuneJazzy Two Step [Sanders]2TS
MayOne Waltz With You [Paull]2WZ
AprilStranger In Paradise [Springer]2TS
MarchA Million Tomorrows [Wonson]2WZClassic
FebruarySinging In The Rain [Woolcock]2TS
JanuaryDancing Like Lovers II [Seurer]2WZ
DecemberIf You Want To Find Love [Kincaid]2TS
NovemberTenderly [Floden]2WZ
OctoberLittle Devil [Seurer]2TS
SeptemberBuicks To The Moon [Hintz]2TS
JuneTennessee Waltz [Seurer]2WZ
MayBlue With Envy [Hermann]2TS
AprilMy Reason For Living [Buck]2WZ
MarchExcept For Monday [Healea]2TSClassic
FebruaryKiss In The Dark [Walz]2WZ
JanuarySweet Georgia Brown [Woolcock]2TS
DecemberPatches [Juhler]2WZ
NovemberTurn Your Radio On [Baldwin]2TS
OctoberCario Mio II [Watanabe]2WZ
SeptemberWrapped Around [Seurer]2TS
JuneMusic Music Music [Hurst]2TS
MaySpinning Wheel Waltz [Juhala]2WZ
AprilCincinnati Rag [Schappacher]2TS
MarchMoon River [Slocum]2WZClassic
FebruaryLike They Used To [Seurer]2TS
JanuaryYou Are My Sunshine [Schappacher]2TS
DecemberApple Blossom Waltz [Wolff]2WZ
NovemberWhat The Cowgirls Do [Meyer]2TS
OctoberGenesis Waltz [Wade]2WZ
SeptemberI'll Take Care Of Your Cares [Maisch]2TS
JuneIf It Ain't Love [Baldwin]2TS
MaySanta Lucia [Paull]2WZ
AprilI Couldn't Leave You If I Tried [Anderson]2TS
MarchWalk Right Back [May]2TSClassic
FebruaryMy Beautiful Lady [Tirrell]2WZ
JanuarySwinging Down The Lane [Auria]2TS
DecemberThere Goes My Everything [Trezona]2WZ
NovemberSomebody To Believe In [Baldwin]2TS
OctoberLollipops And Roses [Maguire]2WZ
SeptemberMexico [Molitoris/Callahan]2TS
JuneStood Up [Seurer]2TS
MayBubbles [Baldwin]2WZ
AprilDown At Papa Joe's [Morrison]2TS
MarchKing Of The Road [MacDougal/Cohen]2TSClassic
FebruaryMy Heart '99 [Kammerer]2WZ
JanuaryAin't This Fun [Houser]2TS
DecemberHe'll Have To Go [Cowan]2WZ
NovemberObject Of My Affections [Baldwin]2TS
OctoberLove In Springtime [Floden]2WZ
SeptemberA Fool Such As I [Seurer]2TS
JuneTogether Again [Sanders]2WZ
MayBuster [Metzger]2TS
AprilWaltz To The Sweetheart Tree [Wade]2WZ
MarchGood Ol' Girls [Eddins]2TSClassic
FebruaryGreen Green '98 [Graham]2TS
JanuaryRock And Roll Waltz [Hill]2WZ
DecemberEngland Swings [Chico]2TS
NovemberEasy Dancing [Young]2TS
OctoberWaltzing Thru The Years [Tirrell]2WZ
SeptemberGoody Goody [Rumble]2TS
JuneColors Of The Wind [Berka]2TS
MayAnniversary Waltz II [Morrison]2WZ
AprilGlow & Glimmer [Yellen]2TS
MarchFireman Two Step [Eddins]2TSClassic
FebruaryShirley's Tamara [Barnes]2WZ
JanuaryRainbow Two Step [Chauvin]2TS
DecemberMy Heart Cries For You [Walstra]2WZ
NovemberOh Me Oh My [Maddeaux]2TS
OctoberFlordia Waltz [Kemper]2WZ
SeptemberCherokee Two Step [Chico]2TS
JuneMarg's Waltz [Clark]2WZ
MayTequila II [Dunn]2TS
AprilDestiny [Croft/de Zordo]2WZ
MarchBirth Of The Blues [Parrott]2TSClassic
FebruaryMack The Knife [Seurer]2TS
JanuaryStars Over Texas [Dufrene]2WZ
DecemberPoor Little Fool [Little]2TS
NovemberYvonne's Waltz [Sobala]2WZ
OctoberFever Two [Noble]2TS
SeptemberSomeone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight [Lukert]2WZ
JuneCarolina In The Morning [Berka]2TS
MayDream On Texas Ladies [Speranzo/Mitchell]2WZ
AprilYour Tatoo [Krueger]2TS
MarchCould I Have This Dance [Eddins]2WZClassic
FebruaryHeaven's Just A Sin Away [Houser]2TS
JanuaryRainy Night Two Step [Seurer]2TS
DecemberTammy '95 [Maguire]2WZ
NovemberGonna Walk That Line [Speranzo/Mitchell]2TS
OctoberTrue Love [Paull]2WZ
SeptemberHere Comes Summer [Little]2TS
JuneRhinestone Cowboy [Hoffman]2TS
MaySchool Days [Shane]2WZ
AprilDon't Be Cruel [Seurer]2TS
MarchJacalyn's Waltz [Wilhoit]2WZClassic
FebruaryRainbow Two Step [Moeller]2TS
JanuaryManuela II [Sobala]2WZ
DecemberStuck On You Two Step [Palenchar]2TS
NovemberIf You Would Only Be Mine [Taylor]2WZ
OctoberTweedle Dee Two Step [Molitoris]2TS
SeptemberVaya Con Dios [Wacker]2WZ
JuneBlame It On Your Heart [Dougherty]2TS
MaySomeone To Call Me Darling [Wacker]2WZ
AprilTempted [Ford]2TS
MarchNeapolitan Waltz [Harden]2WZClassic
FebruaryMy Cup Runneth Over [Walz]2WZ
JanuaryKey Largo [Robb]2TS
DecemberA Sleepy Lagoon [Floden]2WZ
NovemberA Fool Such As I [Griffin]2TS
OctoberVictoria Waltz [Wright]2WZ
SeptemberDancing 'n Dreaming [Taylor/Winkler]2TS
JuneDown To Tucson [Croft/de Zordo]2WZ
MayWillow Walk [Grossman]2TS
AprilA Million Tomorrows [Wonson]2WZ
MarchHush [Croft/de Zordo]2TSClassic
FebruarySpanish Town [Sobala]2WZ
JanuaryVelora [Howell]2TS/RB
DecemberBlue Side Of Lonesome [Grier]2WZ
NovemberAchy Breaky Two Step [Seurer]2TS
OctoberJeanie's Waltz [Cutter]2WZ
SeptemberOld Fashioned Love [Cody]2TS
JuneFive Foot Two [Lawson]2TS
MayFirst Kiss [Auria]2WZ
AprilAustrian Polka [Kullman]2TS
MarchMaple Leaf Rag [Kern]2TSClassic
FebruarySpringtime Waltz [Von Der Heide]2WZ
JanuaryTic Toc Two-Step [McFarlane]2TS
DecemberTry To Remember [Cody]2WZ
NovemberWalk On Faith [Smith]2TS
OctoberLonesome Me [von der Heide]2TS
SeptemberTomorrow's Waltz [Schultz]2WZ
JuneYour Cheating Heart [Lange]2TS
MayWaltz Medley #1 [Metzger]2WZ
AprilMolly Brown [Cody]2TS
MarchPiano Roll Waltz [Green]2WZClassic
FebruarySugartime [Rumble]2TS
JanuaryPeek A Boo [Connelly]2TS
DecemberMockingbird Hill [Brown]2WZ
NovemberCandy Kisses [McCreary]2TS
OctoberYou'll Never Know [Wilhoit]2TS
SeptemberSecond Hand Heart [Grossman]2WZ
JuneFive Minutes More [Lawson]2TS
MayOne Rose Waltz [Sobala]2WZ
AprilSomebody Stole My Gal [Croft/de Zordo]2TS
MarchA Taste Of The Wind [Eddins]3TS/RBClassic
FebruaryClap Clap [Croft/de Zordo]2TS
JanuaryEdilweiss [Kullman]2WZ
DecemberSt. Louis Blues [Mueller]2TS
NovemberThe Boy Next Door [Lehnert]2WZ
OctoberKokonuts [Brown]2TS
SeptemberParadise Waltz [Brown]2WZ
JuneKiss Me Once Again [Hamilton]2TS
MayRiver Two Step [Weber]2TS
AprilBelle Waltz [Gray]2WZ
MarchWalk Right Back [May]2TSClassic
FebruaryWaltzing Forever [Tirrell]2WZ
JanuaryEasy Strolling [Auria]2TS
DecemberRed Carnations [Hallman]2WZ
NovemberTwilight Time [Winter]2TS
OctoberTonight [Crapo]2WZ
SeptemberYour Own Back Yard [Floden]2TS
JuneSquare Notes Silver Anniversary Waltz [Mueller]2WZ
MayLovin' Two-Step [Hamilton]2TS
AprilGlory Of Love [Ervin]2TS
MarchFeelin' [Barbee]2WZClassic
FebruaryMoon River [Slocum]2WZ
JanuaryCarolina In The Morning [Croft/de Zordo]2TS
DecemberWaltz Of The Roses [Waldorf]2WZ
NovemberSunday Afternoon [Taylor]2TS
OctoberI'd Love To Live In Loveland [Cohen]2WZ
SeptemberThe Cat's Meow [McCord]2TS
JuneTell Me Your Dream [Croft/de Zordo]2WZ
MayWhoop De Do [Winter]TS
AprilThe Lover's Waltz [Ritchey]2WZ
MarchVery Smooth [Wiese]2TSClassic
FebruaryLet's Do It Again [Summitt]2TS
JanuaryWistful Waltz [Eddins]2WZ
DecemberBilly's Tune [Cutter]2TS
NovemberShari's Waltz [Helms]2WZ
OctoberGinny Lee [Colling]2TS
SeptemberAlways Dream Of You [Wolcott]2TS
JuneVaya Con Dios [Croft/de Zordo]2WZ
MayIt All Depends On You [Wolcott]2WZ
AprilThe Only Girl [Sasseen]2WZ
MarchStreet Fair [Merola]2TSClassic
FebruaryDreams Come True [Cooksey]2WZ
JanuaryMy Song [Colling]2TS
December3/4 Time Waltz [Gray]2WZ
NovemberFireman Two Step [Eddins]2TS
OctoberWaltz Across Texas [Peavey]2WZ
SeptemberStrutters Ball [Tracy]2TS
JuneWakin' Up To Sunshine [Hooper]2TS
MaySweet Lips [Lawson]2WZ
AprilLazy Two Step [Metzger]2TS
MarchDancing Shadows [Arnfield]2TSClassic
FebruaryAlways You [Lucius]2WZ
JanuaryBuffy [Metzger]2TS
DecemberCould I Have This Dance [Eddins]2WZ
NovemberI'll String Along With You [Lawson]3FT/JV
OctoberLilly's Back Again [Hill]2TS
SeptemberGarden Of My Dreams [Findlay]2WZ
JuneSusie [Croft/de Zordo]2TS
MaySlow Boat To China [Lawson]2TS
AprilMany Times [Metzger]2WZ
MarchTake One Step [Lehnert]2TSClassic
FebruaryChattanooga Shoe Shine Boy [Tracy]2TS
JanuaryWaltz For Sweethearts [Herbst]2WZ
DecemberThe Shadow Of Your Smile [Wolcott]2TS
NovemberSwing Of The Road [Guenthner]2TS
OctoberShutters & Boards [Rother]2WZ
SeptemberCha Cha Charleston [Brissette]3CH/TS
JuneLonesome Life [Collipi]2TS
MayJacalyn's Waltz [Wilhoit]2WZ
AprilSinging Our Song [Peavey]2TS
MarchNeapolitan Waltz [Harden]2WZClassic
FebruaryLove Is A Beautiful Song [Chauval]2WZ
JanuaryBlue Heaven Whistler [Croft/de Zordo]2TS
DecemberWhisper Your Love [Poppe]2WZ
NovemberJapanese Soft Shoe [Trowell]2TS
OctoberCruising Down The River [Raybuck]2WZ
SeptemberHey Teddy [Tracy]2TS
JuneAll My Love [Ward]2WZ
MaySuzette [Olson]TS
AprilWhat'll I Do? [Hornstein]2WZ
MarchA Continental Goodnight [Murbach]3TS/QSClassic
FebruaryPrimrose Lane [Kammerer]2TS
JanuaryLonesome Waltz [Ervin]2WZ
DecemberGood Ol' Girls [Eddins]2TS
NovemberDebutante [Bassett]WZ
OctoberYou're The Cream In My Coffee [Smith]TS
SeptemberPiano Roll Waltz [Green]2WZ
JuneCalahan [Parrott]2TS
MayAdios Amigo [Apostal]2WZ
AprilBasin Street [Wilder]TS
MarchRoses For Elizabeth [Bliss]2TSClassic
FebruaryMe And My Shadow [Rotruck]2TS
JanuaryBig Mountain Rhumba [Meisel]2TS
DecemberAll Night [Jaeb]2WZ
NovemberDancin' 'n Dreamin' [Helms]2TS
OctoberMorning Kiss [Arnot]2WZ
SeptemberRainbows [Sasseen]2TS
JuneKon Tiki [Glazier]2TSClassic
MayMusic Is My Woman [Smith]2TS
AprilRhythm Rounds Theme [Thorn]TS
MarchWarm And Tender [Pell]2WZ
FebruaryHello Polka [Jorritsma]2TS
JanuaryCarousel Waltz [Capon]2WZ
DecemberMaria [Wolcott]2TS/RB
NovemberShantytown [Heater]2TS
OctoberSchool Days [McCleod]2WZ
SeptemberDoodley Do [Fleck]CH
JuneSiesta In Sevilla [Hefeneider]2TSClassic
MayChili-Sauce [Hickman]2TS
AprilBlue And Silver Waltz [McNutt]2WZ
MarchSeattle On My Mind [Haley]2TS
FebruaryPali Breezes [Susans]2WZ
JanuaryTill Somebody Loves You [Tracy]2TS
DecemberDreamland [Stapleton]2WZ
NovemberNickelodian [Lawson]2TS
OctoberRose Room [Metzger]2TS
SeptemberVictoria Waltz [Batchelor]2WZ
JuneFolsom Prison Blues [Peterman]3CHClassic
MayJamie [Pereira]TS
AprilWaltzing Hearts [Harry]2WZ
MarchToo Many Rivers [Sasseen]2TS
FebruaryTuxedo Junction [Tracy]TS
JanuaryJazz Me Blues [Bieda]2TS
DecemberLove In Springtime [Smith]2WZ
NovemberVery Smooth [Wiese]2TS
OctoberTammy [Smith]WZ
SeptemberJohnson Rag [Lawson]2TS
JuneFeelin' [Barbee]2WZClassic
MayRed Roses [Parrott]2TS
AprilLady In Blue [Sasseen]WZ
MarchOne More Time [Hickman]2TS
FebruaryMy Dreams [Johnson]2WZ
JanuaryWatch Out [Bradt]2TS
DecemberHumoresque In Two-Time [Bieda]2TS
NovemberWaltz With Me [Harry]2WZ
OctoberThe Angels Sing [Samson]2TS
SeptemberApron Strings [Latvala]2TS
JuneBirth Of The Blues [Parrott]2TSClassic
MayJust A Kiss [Handy]2WZ
AprilEasy Strolling [McKinney]2TS
MarchDoris Waltz [Foust]2WZ
FebruaryBicycle Morning [Elliott]2TS
JanuaryGozo [Courtney]TS/MR
DecemberDesert Flowers [Cremi]2WZ
NovemberThose Flirtin' Eyes [Boutillier]2TS
OctoberHow Many Hearts [Barbee]2WZ
SeptemberTic Toc [Harry]2TS
JuneGreen Door [Proctor]2TS/JVClassic
MayIn Love Again [Nosker]WZ
AprilNothing Could Be Finer [Croft/de Zordo]2TS
MarchNow Is The Hour [Shepherd]2WZ
FebruaryPlease Release Me [Bondi]2TS
JanuaryTips Of My Fingers [Palmquist]2WZ
DecemberBambina [Fleck]2TS
NovemberAll Over The World [Handy]WZ
OctoberWalk Right Back [May]2TS
SeptemberBe My Honeycomb [Courtney]2TS
JunePearly Shells [Latta]2TSClassic
MaySugar [Tetzlaff]TS
AprilThe Last Waltz [Galloway]2WZ
MarchTulips [Hutchinson]TS
FebruaryGinny's Waltz [Smith]WZ
JanuaryBailey Rock [Highburger]TS
DecemberWaltz Of Summer [Smithwick]WZ
NovemberCall Me Lonesome [Winter]2TS
OctoberNew England Waltz [Rowland]WZ
SeptemberMy Abilene [Jorritsma]TS
JuneLucky [Peterman]2TSClassic
MaySlick Chick [Sasseen]TS
AprilFoolin' Around [Boutillier]TS
MarchGoodnight Irene [Smith]WZ
FebruaryDreamy Rhythm [Fiyalko]3TS
JanuaryStreet Fair [Merola]2TS
DecemberAloha Waltz [Tetlaff]WZ
NovemberRhythm Of The Rain [Bayer]TS
OctoberWagon Wheel Waltz [Winter]2WZ
SeptemberHappy Heart [Sechrist]TS
JuneMexicali Rose [Stapleton]2WZClassic
MayEyes Of Blue [McLeod]2TS
AprilAzure Waltz [Capon]WZ
MarchThe Flip Side [Hays]TS
FebruaryKiss And Tell [Stier]WZ
JanuaryRoom Full Of Roses [Winters]TS
DecemberMonday Waltz [Parrish]WZ
NovemberKnock Three Times [Moss]TS
OctoberSunset Waltz [Rowland]WZ
SeptemberTake Time Out [Johnson]2TS
JuneWheels [Richards]TS
MayRangers Waltz [Jennings]WZ
AprilReal True Lovin' [Hanhurst]2TS
MarchCheatin' Heart [Stapleton]TS
FebruaryShe's Mine [Parrish]TS
JanuaryWithout You [Parrott]WZ
DecemberFolsom Prison Blues [Peterman]3CH
NovemberBorn To Lose [Olds]2TS
OctoberTwinkle Waltz [Fabbry]WZ
SeptemberTrumpet Polka [Pewsey]TS
JuneBlue Pacific Waltz [Glass]WZClassic
MayLillie's Back [Boutillier]TS
AprilSassy [Montgomery]TS
MarchDreamland [Stapleton]2WZ
FebruaryColumbus Blues [Martin]TS
JanuaryShenandoah Waltz [Parrish]WZ
DecemberKalua Shag [Phillips]TS
NovemberYou're The Cream In My Coffee [Smith]TS
OctoberMadonna [Dean]2WZ
SeptemberCandy Kisses [Olds]TS
JuneSilk And Satin [Stapleton]WZClassic
MayRockin 'Ida [Bruner]TS
AprilBecause Of You [Stapleton]WZ
MarchWallflowers [Murbach]TS
FebruarySombrero [Gilbert]TS
JanuaryTry To Remember [Hickman]WZ
DecemberMolly 'n Me [Stapleton]TS
NovemberSecond Hand Rose [Lanning]TS
OctoberRosita [Reid]TS
SeptemberSan Antonio Waltz [Smithwick]WZ
JuneHot Lips [Highburger]2TSClassic
MayBramble Bush [Peterman]TS
AprilSterling Silver [Kuhn]WZ
MarchHappy PolkaTS
FebruaryNear You [Mace]TS
JanuaryWhisper Waltz [Smithwick]WZ
DecemberFoxie [Lanning]FT
NovemberSheik [Wylie]TS
OctoberDarling Waltz [Olds]WZ
SeptemberTake Me [Temple]TS
JuneDancing Shadows [Arnfield]2TSClassic
MayRed Carnations [Hay]WZ
AprilSilver Dollar [Peterman]TS
MarchYakity Axe [Brammer]TS
FebruaryRemember [Davenport]2WZ
JanuarySo What's New [Gardner]TS
DecemberOur Christmas Waltz [Lowder]2WZ
NovemberGolden Dreams [Stewart]WZ
OctoberDesert Blues [Smith]2TS
SeptemberMexicali Rose [Stapleton]2WZ
JuneI'm Gonna Build A Fence [Bruner]TS
MayNeapolitan Waltz [Harden]2WZ
AprilLet's Polka [Leon]TS
MarchThe Waltz You Saved For Me [Crispino]WZ
FebruaryJambalaya [Peterman]TS
JanuaryLove For Two [Hall]TS
DecemberSpringtime [Chambers]WZ
NovemberOh Boy [Parrish]TS
OctoberAlabama Waltz [Smithwick]2WZ
SeptemberLinda Two Step [Wunning]TS
JuneGoldie's Waltz [Kuhn]WZ
MayThe Velvet Glove [Highburger]TS
AprilTennessee Waltz [Weir]WZ
MarchDancing On A Moonbeam [Peterman]TS
FebruaryPearly Shells [Latta]2TS
JanuaryCape Cod Waltz [Jessen]WZ
DecemberGreen Door [Proctor]2TS/JV
NovemberLet Me Call You Sweetheart [Kinnane]WZ
OctoberFiesta [Tennant]TS
SeptemberHooten-Toot [Chambers]2TS
JuneDon't Let Me Dream [Alford]TS
MayDaddy's Little Girl [Tuffield]WZ
AprilKentucky Home [Kinnane]TS
MarchJust A Little Street [Ellis]WZ
FebruaryLonesome Two Step [Wunning]TS
JanuaryPennsylvania Waltz [Smithwick]WZ
DecemberHappy Trumpeter [Tennant]TS
NovemberI Hum A Waltz [Turner]WZ
OctoberLazy Days Of Summer [Jensen]TS
SeptemberHi Lili Hi Lo [Olds]TS
JuneUnder Her Spell [Jones/Fuller]TS
MayTrue Love [Smithwick]TS
AprilDancing Shadows [Arnfield]2TS
MarchLucky [Peterman]2TS
FebruaryRemember Today [Wylie]WZ
JanuaryAlley Cat [Skaminski]TS
DecemberPeggy [Procter]TS
NovemberGolden Gate Waltz [Smithwick]2WZ
OctoberBy The Sea [Tueth]TS
SeptemberCome September [Close]TS
JuneMozart Waltz [Johnson]WZ
MaySleepy Time Gal [Poole]TS
AprilWaltz Lament [Hitt]WZ
MarchYogi [Highburger]TS
FebruarySanta Barbara Waltz [Johnson]WZ
JanuaryOur Love Song [Ellis]TS
DecemberMedley In 3/4 Time [Ellis]WZ
NovemberMy Baby Cares For Me [Turner]TS
OctoberWhite Dove Waltz [Rouland]WZ
SeptemberDreams Of Happiness [Loess]TS