Oregon Rounds of the Month

See ROM Selection Requirements for details on how Oregon Rounds of the Month are selected.

AprilToo Old To Die Young [Hixson]2TS
MarchBuicks To The Moon [Hintz]2TSClassic
FebruarySend Me Down To Tuscon II [Skillett/Terrell]2WZ
JanuaryAnna Marie [Healea]2WZ
DecemberRose Of Mooncoin [Healea]2WZ
NovemberCome By The Hills II [Baldwin]2+1WZ
OctoberBack To Back [Buckmaster/Reigel]2+1TS
SeptemberSwimming Upstream [Herigstad]2TS
AugustBread And Butter [Klein]2TS
JulyI Saw Linda Yesterday [Brown/Cooley]2+2TS
JuneLike A Rock [Seurer]2TS
MaySeven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat [Buckmaster/Reigel]2TS
AprilWagon Wheel [McDonald]2+2TS
MarchTequila II [Dunn]2TSClassic
FebruarySmall Town Southern Man [Restorff/Restorff]2+2TS
JanuaryEmozione Waltz [Berka]2+2WZ
DecemberYou're My Best Friend [Paull]2+1TS
NovemberEveryday [Bitter]2TS
OctoberImagine That [Healea]2TS
SeptemberThe Last Waltz Of The Evening [Murphy]2WZ
AugustCountry Boy [Robinson]2TS
JulyKnee Deep II [Brown/Wells]2+2TS
JuneLove Me Do [Garza]2+1TS
MayTeddy Bear Song [Rogers]2TS
AprilNew Red White And Blue [Hintz]2TS
MarchSaturday Night At The Movies [Callen]2+1TSClassic
FebruaryNot The Guy [Hintz]2+1TS
JanuaryCome Back To Me [Parker]2+1TS
DecemberNo News Is Good News [Woolcock]2WZ
NovemberSugar Blues [Sanders]2TS
OctoberRooney [Woolcock]2TS
September'Fore She Was Mama [Restorff]2+2TS
AugustThinkin' Bout You [Hintz]2TS
JulyLucky [Peterman]2TS
JuneLove Done Gone [Glidewell]2+1TS
MayTennessee Waltz [Buckmaster/Reigel]2WZ
AprilJust For You [Seurer]2+1WZ
MarchSpinning Wheel Waltz [Juhala]2WZClassic
FebruaryStuck Like Glue [Lewis]2+2TS
JanuaryBoulavogue [Keller]2+2WZ
DecemberKiss In The Dark II [Aoyama]2+2WZ
NovemberYou're The One [Seurer]2TS
OctoberThe Hucklebuck [Francis]2TS
SeptemberFinally Friday [Wulf]2TS
AugustMercury Blues [Hintz]2+1TS
JulyMonday Blues [Baldwin]2TS
JuneLondon Two Step [Sanders]2+1TS
MayWaltzing At Midnight [Sanders]2WZ
AprilGoing Steady [Sanders]2TS
MarchDancing Shadows [Arnfield]2TSClassic
FebruaryKansas City Lights [Speranzo]2TS
JanuaryThorn Birds Love Theme [Ritchie]2+1WZ
DecemberFour Strong Winds [Sanders]2TS
NovemberA Bit Of Heaven [Sanders]2TS
OctoberWhy Don't We Just Dance [Helms/Keck]2TS
SeptemberI Got A Love [Baldwin]2TS
AugustAll My Ex's Live In Texas [Hichman]2TS
JulyOnce In A Blue Moon [Baldwin]2WZ
JuneBop To The Music [Bitter]2TS
MaySunshine Wine [Ross]2TS
AprilReturn To Skye [Kincaid]2WZ
MarchTurn Your Radio On [Baldwin]2TSClassic
FebruaryColor Me Country [Baldwin]2TS
JanuaryClosest Thing To Crazy II [Baldwin]2WZ
DecemberPokadots & Moonbeams [Sanders]2TS
NovemberRoute 66 [Baldwin]2TS
OctoberCan You Feel The Love Tonight [Schultz]2TS
SeptemberDaydream [Kincaid]2TS
AugustLucky Charm [Maguire]2TS
JulyLies She Never Believed [Baldwin]2WZ
JuneTelling Everybody [Sanders]2WZ
MayYou Can't Have It All [Ackerman]2WZ
AprilCajun Fiddleman [Hintz]2TS
MarchTips Of My Fingers [Palmquist]2WZClassic
FebruaryDreaming With My Eyes Wide Open [Restorff]2TS
JanuaryFaith Walk [Seurer]2TS
DecemberPal Of My Dreams [Baldwin]2WZ
NovemberReturn To The Grand Hotel [Powell/Brosie]2WZ
OctoberEv'rybody Wants To Be A Cat, Too [Pilachowski]2TS
SeptemberThis Time [Seurer]2WZ
AugustKeep Away From Sue [Ashenden]2TS
JulyDreaming [Baldwin]2WZ
JuneWhen I Need You [Baldwin]2WZ
MayTrickle Trickle [Seurer]2TS
AprilFootloose [Rumble]2TS
MarchAll Shook Up [Becker]2TSClassic
FebruaryLight Up My Life [Cunningham]2WZ
JanuaryCan't Smile! [Seurer]2TS
DecemberI'm In A Dancing Mood II [Nelson]2TS
NovemberBeguine [Seurer]2TS
OctoberHide Nor Hair [Sanders]2TS
SeptemberCome Back [Baldwin]2WZ
AugustMoney Can't Buy [Restorff]2TS
JulyChoo Choo [Sanders]2TS
JuneAmarillo By Morning [Seurer]2TS
MayYour Man [Baldwin]2TS
AprilRuby 06 [Kennedy]2TS
MarchFireman Two Step [Eddins]2TSClassic
FebruaryWhen Can I Touch You II [Buckmaster/Reigel]2WZ
JanuaryChattanooga Shoe Shine Boy [Tracy]2TS
DecemberRockin' Around The Christmas Tree [Hintz]2TS
NovemberFunny Face [Sanders]2WZ
OctoberIt's A Sin - 2 Step [McDowell]2TS
SeptemberSweet Lips Waltz [Aoyama]2WZ
AugustRuthless [Baldwin]2TS
JulySam II [Chico]2WZ
JuneStepping Out [Vogt]2TS
MayBlue Magic [Labelle]2TS
AprilYakkity Sax [Scott]2TS
MarchWalk Right Back [May]2TSClassic
FebruaryIt's All In The Game [Healea]2WZ
JanuaryLet's Go Hoppin' [Heiny]2TS
DecemberNo Place Under The Sun Like Oregon [Reid]2WZ
NovemberA Naughty Lady [Gloodt]2TS
OctoberReet Petite [Baldwin]2TS
SeptemberWhat A Wonderful World [Pilachowski]2WZ
AugustSunflower II [Elliott]2TS
JulyWhile We Were Waltzing [Sanders]2WZ
JuneBoogie Woogie Two Step [Seurer]2TS
MayCome A Little Bit Closer [Walz]2TS
AprilOK Boogie [Hobbs]2TS
MarchExcept For Monday [Healea]2TSClassic
FebruaryCharisma 93 [Sobala]2WZ
JanuaryDancing Like Lovers II [Seurer]2WZ
DecemberOne Waltz With You [Paull]2WZ
NovemberJava [Trankel/Gilder]2TS
OctoberDo's and Don'ts [Sanders]2TS
SeptemberAll That Jazz II [Dascheill]2TS
AugustSlow Boat To China [Walstra]2TS
JulyA Better Man [Seurer]2TS
JunePatches [Juhler]2WZ
MayDown At Papa Joe's [Morrison]2TS
AprilNorth To Alaska [Hintz]2TS
MarchCould I Have This Dance [Eddins]2WZClassic
FebruarySwinging Down The Lane [Auria]2TS
JanuaryTennessee Waltz [Seurer]2WZ
DecemberSinging In The Rain [Woolcock]2TS
NovemberUnder The Boardwalk [Lewis]2TS
OctoberWhisper To Me [Yoerin]2WZ
SeptemberLittle Devil [Seurer]2TS
AugustMy Reason For Living [Buck]2WZ
JulyTurn Your Radio On [Baldwin]2TS
JuneBrown Eyes [Woolcock]2WZ
MayWhat The World Needs Now II [Vogt]2WZ
AprilSweet Georgia Brown [Woolcock]2TS
MarchMexicali Rose [Stapleton]2WZClassic
FebruaryGotta Get Away [Cooper]2TS
JanuaryWrapped Around [Seurer]2TS
DecemberCario Mio II [Watanabe]2WZ
NovemberCincinnati Rag [Schappacher]2TS
OctoberSanta Lucia [Paull]2WZ
SeptemberLike They Used To [Seurer]2TS
AugustMaiden's Prayer [Noble]2TS
JulyI Can't Dance [Baldwin]2TS
JuneSarah's Song [Dodge]2WZ
MayWednesday's Child [Noble]2WZ
AprilSpinning Wheel Waltz [Juhala]2WZ
MarchBirth Of The Blues [Parrott]2TSClassic
FebruaryColors Of The Wind [Berka]2TS
JanuaryBecause Of You [Walstra]2WZ
DecemberBlue With Envy [Hermann]2TS
NovemberPlaymate [Sanders]2TS
OctoberPretty Bubbles Waltz [Sanders]2WZ
SeptemberIf It Ain't Love [Baldwin]2TS
AugustHappy Sounds [Restorff]2TS
JulyJohnson's Rag [Springer]2TS
JuneOne Rose [Walstra]2WZ
MayTwistin' The Night Away [Helms]2TS
AprilMy Country Gal [Yamashita]2TS
MarchDancing Shadows [Arnfield]2TSClassic
FebruaryThe Marvelous Toy [Molitoris]2TS
JanuaryStood Up [Seurer]2TS
DecemberFever 2000 [Hanna]2TS
NovemberSh-Boom [Parker]2TS
OctoberMexico [Molitoris/Callahan]2TS
SeptemberHappy Time Rag [Reiner]2TS
AugustNorma Jean Riley [Koozer]2TS
JulyTry To Remember [Paull]2WZ
JuneLover's Guitar [Sobala]2TS
MayA Fool Such As I [Seurer]2TS
AprilPina Colada Rhythm [Taylor]2TS
MarchVery Smooth [Wiese]2TSClassic
FebruaryLove In Springtime [Floden]2WZ
JanuaryWrite This Down [Healea]2TS
DecemberWaltz With Me [Odum]2WZ
NovemberBuster [Metzger]2TS
OctoberSomebody Else's Moon [Hintz]2WZ
SeptemberDon't Rock The Jukebox [Schaumburg]2TS
AugustCream 'n Sugar [Noble]2TS
JulyShortenin' Bread [Hermann]2TS
JuneLonesome Waltz [Walz]2WZ
MayHusbands And Wives [Healea]2WZ
AprilDown Louisiana Way [Cooper]2TS
MarchHush [Croft/de Zordo]2TSClassic
FebruaryI Want To Dance With You [Young]2TS
JanuaryWho's Sorry Now [Walstra]2TS
DecemberItalian Theme [Paull]2TS
NovemberBuicks To The Moon [Hintz]2TS
OctoberDiddlely Dum [Gabler]2TS
SeptemberGlow & Glimmer [Yellen]2TS
AugustAll Night [Jaeb]2WZ
JulyOn A Good Night [Hermann]2TS
JuneThis Is Our Song [Maisch]2WZ
MayWaltz Across Texas [Noble]2WZ
AprilHalley Came To Jackson [Koozer]2TS
MarchSam's Song [Garret]2TS
FebruaryLamp Of Love Two [Robertson]2WZ
JanuaryWher'm I Gonna Live? [Callen]2TS
DecemberKentucky Steppin' '97 [Auria]2TS
NovemberWhy Can't It Be Me [Funk]2TS
OctoberLucky Lips [Koozer]2TS
SeptemberAleena [Bond]2TS
AugustLa Petite Tonkinoise [Wilson]2TS
JulySomeone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight [Lukert]2WZ
JuneStars Over Texas [Hermann]2WZ
MaySave The Last Dance For Me [Hermann]2TS
AprilMoody Blue II [Yellen]2TS
MarchTequila II [Dunn]2TS
FebruaryClarinet Capers [Barnes]2TS
JanuaryLady Be Good [Walstra]2TS
DecemberAdalida [Buck]2TS
NovemberHeaven In My Woman's Eyes [Krzyzak]2TS
OctoberDixie Melody [Auria]2TS
SeptemberManhattan Melody [McFarlane]2TS
AugustNumero Cinco [Rumble]2TS
JulyA Day In Paradise [Woodruff]2TS
JuneMidnight In Moscow [Scott]2TS
MayShiela [Lopez]2TS
AprilTreat Me Nice [Little]2TS
MarchSomewhere My Love [Noble]2TS
FebruaryShould've Asked Her Faster [Chico]2TS
JanuaryBlame It On The Bossa Nova [Koozer]2TS
DecemberTammy '95 [Maguire]2WZ
NovemberJealous Lover II [Cousins]2TS
OctoberWhich Bridge To Cross [Logan]2WZ
SeptemberSo Good In Love [Glenn]2WZ
AugustNow Or Never [Haynack]2TS
JulyHere Comes Summer [Little]2TS
JuneIndiana Beach Swing [Haynack]2TS
MayI Love A Rainy Night [Palenchar]2TS
AprilHardtack Two Step [True]2TS
MarchThese Boots Are Made For Dancing [Knight]2TS
FebruaryTrue Love [Paull]2WZ
JanuarySensuous Woman [Speranzo/Mitchell]2TS
December18 Wheels And A Dozen Roses [Koozer]2TS
November'Til We Meet Again [Molitoris]2WZ
OctoberCome On Over, Baby [Dunn]2TS
SeptemberYou Can't Have It All [Felch]2WZ
AugustIt's All Over [Funk]2TS
JulyThe Bug [Felch]2TS
JuneTwo Broken Hearts [Sobala]2WZ
MayRhumba Pete [Metzger]2TS
AprilBlame It On Your Heart [Hichman]2TS
MarchManuela II [Sobala]2WZ
FebruaryOh Yeah [Daviau]2TS
JanuarySome Day [Landry]2TS
DecemberMy Cup Runneth Over [Walz]2WZ
NovemberAlibis [Wacker]2WZ
OctoberQueen Of Memphis [Goode]2TS
SeptemberPink Shoelaces [Reid]2TS
AugustA Fool Such As I [Griffin]2TS
JulySinging The Blues [Knight]2TS
JunePerfect Harmony [Grossman]2TS
MayIn The Gloamin' [Walz]2TS
AprilLollipop [Seurer]2TS
MarchTake One Step [Lehnert]2TS
FebruaryA Million Tomorrows [Wonson]2WZ
JanuaryOh You Kid [Varelli]2TS
DecemberWhey Marie [Metzger]2WZ
NovemberAchy Breaky Heart [Hooper]2TS
OctoberAlive And Kickin' [Wacker]2TS
SeptemberTraveling Man [Little]2TS
AugustJeanie's Waltz [Cutter]2WZ
JulyMirror Mirror [Schaumburg]2TS
JunePapa Loves Mambo [Bennett]2TS
MayHold On Partner [Hixson]2TS
AprilNever Loved Anyone More II [Walz]2WZ
MarchBramble Bush [McCreary]2TS
FebruaryDolly [Owen]2TS
JanuaryI Was The One [Noble]2TS
DecemberDown At The Twist And Shout [Graham]2TS
NovemberWallpaper Roses [Eilerman]2TS
OctoberNeon Rainbow [Krueger]2TS
SeptemberIf The Devil Danced [Wilhoit]2TS
AugustWe're Gonna Rock Around The Clock [Barclift]2TS
JulyDoggie In The Window [Goode]2WZ
JuneNow And Then [Wilhoit]2TS
MayPizazz [Jabour]2TS
AprilWaltz Medley #1 [Metzger]2WZ
MarchFemme Vivant [Stewart]2WZ
FebruaryWillow Walk [Grossman]2TS
JanuaryNew England Swings [Hankins]2TS
DecemberHey Chick [von der Heide]2TS/RB
NovemberCandy Kisses [McCreary]2TS
OctoberShenandoah [Croft/de Zordo]2WZ
SeptemberCarolina [Blocker]2TS
AugustAll Shook Up [Becker]2TS
JulyMy Darling [Winter]2TS
JuneSecond Hand Heart [Grossman]2WZ
MayAbove And Beyond [Becker]2TS
AprilTennessee Waltz [Wacker]2WZ
MarchMoon River [Slocum]2WZ
FebruaryAll The Fun [Rotscheid]2TS
JanuaryIn A Letter [Rosado]2TS
DecemberLove For Two [McCreary]2TS
NovemberEdilweiss [Kullman]2WZ
OctoberParadise Waltz [Brown]2WZ
SeptemberA Tear In My Beer [Cooper]2TS
AugustA Lot Of River [Stephan]2TS
JulyBelle Waltz [Gray]2WZ
JuneYou'll Never Know [Wilhoit]2TS
MayFiddlestepper Polka [Brown]2TS
AprilTalkin' To The Wrong Man [Brownrigg]2TS
MarchKing Of The Road [MacDougal/Cohen]2TS
FebruarySt. Louis Blues [Mueller]2TS
JanuaryWalking & Whistling [Croft/de Zordo]2TS
DecemberI Don't Care [Cooper]2TS
NovemberI Can't Give You Anythng But Love [Lawson]2TS
OctoberA Time For Love [Gray]2TS
SeptemberJust Lovin' You [Hooper]2TS
AugustWaltz Of The Roses [Waldorf]2WZ
JulyFor Mamma's [Wilhoit]2TS
JuneFishin' In The Dark [Raybuck]2TS
MayRock & Roll Waltz [Croft/de Zordo]2WZ
AprilSam's Song [Garret]2TS
MarchDoodley Doo [Floden]2TS
FebruaryMiss Emily's Picture [Tracey]2TS
JanuaryKewpie Doll [Trautman]2TS
DecemberChristmas Polka [Sobala]2TS
NovemberWhoop De Do [Winter]TS
OctoberLovin' Two-Step [Hamilton]2TS
SeptemberPlease Release Me [Micketti]2TS
AugustDevil Woman [Raybuck]2TS
JulyFar Away Places [Metzger]2WZ
JuneBaby O' Mine [Fiyalko]2TS
MayVaya Con Dios [Croft/de Zordo]2WZ
April3/4 Time Waltz [Gray]2WZ
MarchI've Heard That Song Before [Tracy]2TS
FebruaryCity Boy [Pond/McAllister]2TS
JanuaryYou Only You [Funk]2WZ
DecemberEl Paso Lady [Sobala]3RB
NovemberHoneycomb [Sanders]2TS
OctoberThe Lonely Goatherd [Croft/de Zordo]2TS
SeptemberSunbeam Two-Step [Lange]2TS
AugustCowboy [Stephan]2TS
JulyDreams Come True [Cooksey]2WZ
JuneMy Little Corner Of The World [Floden]2TS
MayNo Reason [Goulet]2TS
AprilSwingin' [Sager]2TS
MarchWakin' Up To Sunshine [Hooper]2TS
FebruaryDreamy Rhythm [Fiyalko]3TS
JanuarySweet Dreams [Lawson]2TS
DecemberThe Only Girl [Sasseen]2WZ
NovemberAlways You [Lucius]2WZ
OctoberStrutters Ball [Tracy]2TS
SeptemberHoney Two-Step [Lange]2TS
AugustCold, Cold Heart [Lange]2TS
JulyElmer's Two Step [McCord]2TS
JuneMany Times [Metzger]2WZ
MayWaltz Me To Heaven [Meisner]2WZ
AprilBuffy [Metzger]2TS
MarchChow [Brown]2WZ
FebruaryGift Wrap [Mandel]2TS
JanuaryHouston [Smith]2TS
DecemberHey Marylee [Ervin]2TS
NovemberHe's Making Eyes At Me [Lawson]2TS
OctoberI'll Get You Back [Archibald]2TS
SeptemberMy Song [Colling]2TS
AugustIn It For The Love [Winter]2TS
JulyGarden Of My Dreams [Findlay]2WZ
JuneToday [Bleam]2WZ
MayJacalyn's Waltz [Wilhoit]2WZ
AprilSentimental Ol' You [Meisner/Bouchard]2TS
MarchChattanooga Shoe Shine Boy [Tracy]2TS
FebruarySinging In The Rain [Wilder]2TS
JanuaryThe Party's Over [Winter]2TS
DecemberBirth Of The Blues [Parrott]2TSClassic
NovemberRagtime Gal [Wilder]2TS
OctoberSan Francisco Bay [Croft/de Zordo]2TS
SeptemberSlow Poke [Floden]TS
AugustMuscrat Ramble [Portsmith]2TS
JulyJapanese Soft Shoe [Trowell]2TS
JuneHonkytonk Man [Foster]2WZ
MayGolden Memories [Campbell]TS/CH
AprilTalk Back Trembling Lips [Walstra]2TS
MarchExpert At Everything [Smith]TS
FebruaryAce In The Hole [Gibson]2TS
JanuaryBlue Heaven Whistler [Croft/de Zordo]2TS
DecemberOur Christmas Waltz [Lowder]2WZ
NovemberSay You'll Stay Until Tomorrow [Parrish]3FT/TS
OctoberTulips [Hutchinson]TS
SeptemberPrimrose Lane [Kammerer]2TS
AugustMaking Whoopee [Walker]CH
JulyTenderly [Metzger]2WZ
JuneNew York, New York [Cooper]3TS
MayTiny Bubbles [Parrott]2TS
AprilMountain Of Love [Trautman]2TS
MarchWedding Bells [Tirrell]2TS
FebruaryGood Ol' Girls [Eddins]2TS
JanuaryPiano Roll Waltz [Green]2WZ
DecemberOur Christmas Waltz [Lowder]2WZ
NovemberWaltzing To Seattle [Atherton]2WZ
OctoberElvira [Wilder]2TS
SeptemberYou're The Only One [Hopkins]2TS
AugustYou're The Cream In My Coffee [Smith]TS
JulySmall Fry [Brown]2TS
JuneHardtack [Kern]2TS
MayMaple Leaf Rag [Brundage]2TS
AprilSeattle On My Mind [Haley]2TS
MarchThe Shadow Of Your Smile [Wolcott]2TS
FebruaryStumbling Along [Brown]TS
JanuarySuzette [Olson]TS
DecemberOur Christmas Waltz [Lowder]2WZ
NovemberHeavenly Waltz [Porter]2WZ
OctoberChili-Sauce [Hickman]2TS
SeptemberLet's Linger [Tirrell]2TS
AugustTill Somebody Loves You [Tracy]2TS
JulyAnn's Song [Winter]2WZ
JuneCalahan [Parrott]2TS
MayShantytown [Heater]2TS
AprilSunday Afternoon [Harry]2TS
MarchRuby Ann [Teague]2TS
FebruaryThe Poet And I [Brown]2WZ
JanuaryJailhouse [Hanna]2TS
DecemberOur Christmas Waltz [Lowder]2WZ
NovemberAll Night [Jaeb]2WZ
OctoberFun Stuff [Metzger]2TS
SeptemberBaby Cha [Gibson]2TS
AugustHarmony Two Step [Kimbley]2TS
JulyLucky [Peterman]2TSClassic
JuneSugar Lips [Wilder]2TS
MaySpringtime In The Rockies [Croft/de Zordo]2WZ
AprilPali Breezes [Susans]2WZ
MarchHooten-Toot [Chambers]2TS
FebruaryAmanda Waltz [Ward]2WZ
JanuaryNever Should Have Told You [Parrott]2TS
DecemberOur Christmas Waltz [Lowder]2WZ
NovemberDesert Blues [Smith]2TS
OctoberLet's Cuddle [Johnson]2TS
SeptemberRose Room [Metzger]2TS
AugustI Love You Because [Bollinger]TS
JulyNickelodian [Lawson]2TS
JuneHappy Sounds [Stephenson]2TS
MayLittle White Moon [Wilder]2TS
AprilLittle Snow Flake [Croft/de Zordo]2TS
MarchKentucky Steppin' [Mitchell]2TS
FebruaryTuxedo Junction [Tracy]TS
JanuaryGive Me Five Minutes More [Helms]2TS
DecemberOur Christmas Waltz [Lowder]2WZ
NovemberSandy's Waltz [Porter]2WZ
OctoberMockingbird Hill [Bahr]2WZ
SeptemberRed Roses [Parrott]2TS
AugustLittle Girl [Stapleton]2TS
JulyHumoresque In Two-Time [Bieda]2TS
JuneOne More Time [Hickman]2TS
MayOld Fashioned Love [Sasseen]2TS
AprilGame Of Love [Carter]2TS
MarchThe Lazy River [Guest]2TS
FebruaryWaltz With Me [Harry]2WZ
JanuaryFrog Kissin' [Eddins]2TS
DecemberOur Christmas Waltz [Lowder]2WZ
NovemberThe Angels Sing [Samson]2TS
OctoberBicycle Morning [Elliott]2TS
SeptemberCountry Gal [Leach]2TS
AugustBaby Talk [Kemper]TS
JulyApron Strings [Latvala]2TS
JuneShake Me I Rattle [Mueller]3WZ
MayTop Of The World [Croft/de Zordo]2TS
AprilEasy Strolling [McKinney]2TS
MarchRound The World [Thomas]2WZ
FebruaryTic Toc [Harry]2TS
JanuaryTennessee Saturday Night [Foust]2TS
DecemberLighted Lantern Two-Step [Crispino]2TS
NovemberSneaky Snake [Lovelace]2TS
OctoberTips Of My Fingers [Palmquist]2WZ
SeptemberRhumba Basico [Cook]2TS
AugustEasy To Love [LaPlante]TS
JulySiesta In Sevilla [Hefeneider]2TS
JuneYakity Axe [Brammer]TS
MayPlease Release Me [Bondi]2TS
AprilChopsuey [Walker]TS
MarchBambina [Fleck]2TS
FebruaryBe My Honeycomb [Courtney]2TS
JanuaryWalk Right Back [May]2TS
DecemberOur Christmas Waltz [Lowder]2WZ
NovemberPortland Rain [Taylor/Lantz]2TS
OctoberTake One Step [Lehnert]2TS
SeptemberSugarman [Smith]TS
AugustPixie [Vernon and Jean]2TS
JulyRock Anytime [Smith]2TS
JuneTulips [Hutchinson]TS
MayAround 'n Round [Staggs]TS
AprilSugar [Tetzlaff]TS
MarchBailey Rock [Highburger]TS
FebruaryShakin' [Highburger]TS
JanuaryA Waltz To Remember [Olds]2WZ
DecemberFlowers On The Wall [Highburger]2TS
NovemberKnock Three Times [Moss]TS
OctoberSweet Ethel [Sudborough]TS
SeptemberTie A Yellow Ribbon [Handy]2TS
AugustMy Abilene [Jorritsma]TS
JulyWagon Wheel Waltz [Winter]2WZ
JuneStreet Fair [Merola]2TS
MayBirth Of The Blues [Parrott]2TS
AprilFoolin' Around [Boutillier]TS
MarchRhythm Of The Rain [Bayer]TS
FebruaryHighballin' [Eberhart]TS
JanuaryWaltzin' Easy [Wiffen]WZ
DecemberHappy Heart [Sechrist]TS
NovemberThe Good Old Days [Barbee]TS
OctoberEyes Of Blue [McLeod]2TS
SeptemberSinging The Blues [McDonald]TS
AugustMy Heart [Hall]TS
JulyThe Last Waltz [Galloway]2WZ
JuneBusy Body [Johnson]TS
MayMonday Waltz [Parrish]WZ
AprilBaby Mine [Carter]TS
MarchRain Song [Ward]
FebruaryTake Time Out [Johnson]2TS
JanuaryJust A Little Lovin' [Olds]TS
DecemberThe Flip Side [Hays]TS
NovemberFolsom Prison Blues [Peterman]3CH
OctoberRangers Waltz [Jennings]WZ
SeptemberLinger Awhile [Parrott]TS
AugustIpanema [Lehnert]TS
JulyShort & Sweet [Todd]TS
JuneNorma Loves Me [Parrott]TS
MayThe Lover's Song [Guest]2TS
AprilBe My Love [Stapleton]WZ
MarchPeek A Boo [Montijo]TS
FebruaryAin't We Got Fun [Carty]TS
JanuaryReal True Lovin' [Hanhurst]2TS
DecemberBorn To Lose [Olds]2TS
NovemberCheatin' Heart [Stapleton]TS
OctoberIf You Knew Susie [Schwartz]TS
SeptemberShe's Making Eyes At Me [Lawson]CH
AugustWithout You [Parrott]WZ
JulySassy [Montgomery]TS
JuneDreamland [Stapleton]2WZ
MayCalcutta [Young]TS
AprilColumbus Blues [Martin]TS
MarchJessie PolkaTS
FebruarySleepy Time Gal [Poole]TS
JanuaryYou're The Cream In My Coffee [Smith]TS
DecemberCandy Kisses [Olds]TS
NovemberShenandoah Waltz [Parrish]WZ
OctoberMadonna [Dean]2WZ
SeptemberDancing Shadows [Arnfield]2TSClassic
AugustMolly 'n Me [Stapleton]TS
JulyMadonna [Dean]2WZ
JuneRamblin' Rose [Roberts]TS
MaySpeakeasy [Barbee]TS
AprilSandtrap [Sasseen]TS
MarchSecond Hand Rose [Lanning]TS
FebruaryHarvest Waltz [Johnson]WZ
JanuaryCan't Stop Lovin' You [Hickman]TS
DecemberGoodnight Two-Step [Moss]2TS
NovemberSombrero [Gilbert]TS
OctoberEngland Swings One Step [Gilbert]TS
SeptemberHot Lips [Highburger]2TSClassic
AugustMy Love [Ritchey]WZ
JulyElani Two Step [Ward]TS
JuneCountry Style [Smith]TS
MayBramble Bush [Peterman]TS
AprilSwinging Hand In Hand [Rowland]TS
MarchLet's Polka [Leon]TS
FebruaryLenny's Waltz [Mueller]WZ
JanuaryFrenchy Brown [Tetzlaff]2TS
DecemberSwinging On A Star [Moody]TS
NovemberTake Me [Temple]TS
OctoberI'm Gonna Build A Fence [Bruner]TS
SeptemberCharlie's Shoes [Groves]TS
AugustDarling Waltz [Olds]WZ
JulyDarling Waltz [Olds]WZ
JuneHometown Sweetheart [Parrish]TS
MayBallin' The Jack [Britton]TS
AprilHey Good Looking [Fabbry]TS
MarchSilver Dollar [Peterman]TS
FebruaryLightning Bug [Scruggs]TS
JanuaryOh You Kid [Foster]2TS
DecemberUnder The Bridges Of Paris [Arnfield]WZ
NovemberSo What's New [Gardner]TS
OctoberMexicali Rose [Stapleton]2WZ
SeptemberAin't She Sweet [Peterman]TS
AugustDesert Blues [Smith]2TS
JulySan Francisco Bay [Croft/de Zordo]2TS
JunePhiladelphia Strut [Stickney/Schreiber]TS
MayGay Time [Seidelmann]
AprilMarie [LeClair]TS
MarchJohnny O Polka [Hansen]TS
FebruaryLotus Blossom Waltz [Roberts]WZ
JanuaryHeavenly Night [Stotler]TS
DecemberOh Boy [Parrish]TS
NovemberAlabama Waltz [Smithwick]2WZ
OctoberLinda Two Step [Wunning]TS
SeptemberLove For Two [Hall]TS
AugustWhipped Cream [Evans]TS
JulyGoldie's Waltz [Kuhn]WZ
JuneHow About That [Procter]TS
MayWhispering [Arnfield]TS
AprilThe Velvet Glove [Highburger]TS
MarchLet Me Call You Sweetheart [Kinnane]WZ
FebruaryPearly Shells [Latta]2TS
JanuaryTic Toc Melody [Brown]TS
DecemberOur Christmas Waltz [Lowder]2WZ
NovemberTanzy [Boone]2TS
OctoberChange In Me [LeClair]TS
SeptemberChange In Me [LeClair]TS
AugustCape Cod Waltz [Jessen]WZ
JulyCape Cod Waltz [Jessen]WZ
JuneKentucky Home [Kinnane]TS
MayTagalong [Ellis]
AprilCry Baby [Wunning]TS
MarchI Hum A Waltz [Turner]WZ
FebruaryLonesome Two Step [Wunning]TS
JanuaryWestern Swing [Alford]TS
DecemberBossa Nova [Culver]LN
NovemberPennsylvania Waltz [Smithwick]WZ
OctoberWalking To Kansas City [Lewis]
SeptemberSwingin' Papa Blues [Merola]TS
AugustHi Lili Hi Lo [Olds]TS
JulyTrue Love [Smithwick]TS
JuneSt. Louis Blues [Mueller]2TS
MayDancing Shadows [Arnfield]2TS
AprilLucky [Peterman]2TS
MarchMarkin' TimeRB
FebruaryFraulein [Alford]2TS
JanuaryMexico [Richards]
DecemberPeggy [Procter]TS
NovemberAlley Cat [Skaminski]TS
OctoberMississippi Shuffle [VanAntwerp]
SeptemberGolden Gate Waltz [Smithwick]2WZ
AugustSamba Simpatica [Glass]SB
JulySleepy Time Gal [Poole]TS
JuneEast Of The Sun [Peterson]
MayChopsuey [Walker]TS
AprilKeep It Moving [Tennent]
MarchYogi [Highburger]TS
FebruarySam's Song [Garret]2TS
JanuarySanta Barbara Waltz [Johnson]WZ
DecemberOur Christmas Waltz [Lowder]2WZ
NovemberNavajo Trail [Arnfield]TS
OctoberLonesome Mama Blues [Merola]2TS
SeptemberMickey [Poole]TS
AugustCalcutta [Young]TS
JulyTil Tomorrow [Jessen]
JuneVery Chic [Hayden]TS
MayLady Be Good [Stapleton]TS
AprilOur Love Song [Ellis]TS
MarchRanier Waltz [Bagley]WZ
FebruaryCalico Melody [Michele]
JanuaryShortcake [Foster]TS
DecemberPiano Roll Waltz [Young]WZ
NovemberJoey's Side Step [Cope]TS
OctoberIt Had To Be You [Hatton]TS
SeptemberSilk And Satin [Stapleton]WZ
AugustMaybe [Tennent]
JulyWhen My Baby Smiles [Hatton]TS
JunePoor Butterfly [Richards]TS
MayThree Penny Waltz [Crispino]WZ
AprilFoolish Fancy [Arnfield]TS
MarchAin't We Got Fun [Carty]TS
FebruaryLocky Polka [Cramlet]TS
JanuaryRed Barn Rag [Glenn]TS