How to Join

First, decide what type of member you wish to be: Associate or Regular.

Criteria for Associate membership are:

Criteria for Regular membership are:

Complete the application online and print it out. None of the information entered on this form is stored in your computer nor is it transmitted over the Internet. If possible, page margins should be set to 0.5" on all sides before printing. After printing, press the "back" button to return to this page.

You may also download the PDF application, print it out, and complete it by hand.

Sign the completed application, have your sponsor (a Regular Member in good standing) sign as your sponsor, attach your check (payable to ORDTA), and submit it to the current Treasurer:

Connie Clark
20580 SW Deline St
Aloha, OR 97078

The Treasurer will present your application and introduce you to the membership at our next meeting. The membership will then vote on whether to accept you. You need to be present at the meeting for this vote to take place.