What You Need to Get Started

The very first thing you need is the interest and desire to cue plus dedication.

You will need a turntable. It doesn't need to be brand new. If you ask the cuers, they often will know of one that is for sale. You can also contact George Clark at the Promenade Shop and he can be of great help to you. Also, if you join ROUNDALAB, they have a website which has items for sale.

You will also need at least one speaker. Here again ask the cuers or George and they can help you obtain one.

Next item on the list is a microphone. There are many different ones on the market. Ask the cuers which one they are partial to. One preferred by a number of cuers is the Astatic 810.

Records! Many cuers have records that they no longer use or extra copies. Most cuers are willing to sell them very reasonably or even FREE. Also they can be obtained from the Promenade Shop or from several other places (listed below). Also being used now are mini discs and CDs. Also mp3 files. These all require additional equipment.

Most cuers are more than willing to give you any kind of help you need. They are just a phone call away or an email away.

Here is a list of names and addresses of suppliers and helpers.